That’s not happening again

I consider myself a practical person with the wits to get out of various scrapes that happen from time to time. I think of myself as prepared for adversity which is a point of pride. Although I teach economics, I do not have my head in the clouds. I don’t believe that people should be oblivious to the obvious or that they should ignore the implications of unforeseen circumstances. As we go through life, reality teaches us lessons that we absorb. Sooner or later you build up a compendium of knowledge. People can be divided into various personality types: introvert/extrovert, thinking/feeling, and intuitive/sensing. They react to things according to their nature. Being practical, I am the thinking/sensing combination that feels at home in the world.

This ability came in handy when I was stuck on the side of the road with a whopping flat tire one night after a university meeting that ran late. For some reason, the air was rushing out. I expected to be up and running in no time, but roadside assistance was not coming. I called many times and finally after more than an hour, they arrived. Sure, they took care of the problem but I vowed never to find myself the victim of circumstance. I repaired the tire and didn’t need a new one, but I would need an air compressor next time. I bought a portable model that I can plug right into the car. It is compact, effective, and fits nicely by the spare tire in the trunk. With it tucked away at an easy reach, I knew that being stuck would never happen again. Anyone can use an air compressor, even an older child. I am my own do-it-yourself repair woman.

Sure enough, not six months later, I had another flat tire and was stuck at the side of the road at night. This time I didn’t need to rely on the automobile club. I feel like resigning my membership. I had pulled over to inspect the problem. There wasn’t much damage to the tire and I believed that I could inflate it with the 12 volt air compressor. So out it came to do its job. I also had a large LED flashlight that had good illumination. I could easily find my way in the dark to attach the device. Independence is worth its weight in gold.

Who would ever think that an air compressor was a good buy, especially for a woman. Now I know that there is a reason for everything. I am a logical thinker and I can think of so many ways in which it will be useful. It is on my list of ten essential items that everyone needs. I would also include a portable generator to use when the power goes out unexpectedly, a ceiling fan to circulate air and avoid using the AC, a battery-operated flashlight, a Swiss army knife, a windproof umbrella, a first aid kit, and a gallon of gas. I suppose you all have your own additions, so let me know.