Professor Life Tips

There is a new ad circulating on TV about compression socks. They show attractive housewives running up and down the stairs in a no-slip version. Who knew there was a market for such things beyond nurses and people who are on their feet all day. Let me tell you that there are other careers that entail standing for hours on end. Mine for example. I am an economics professor who works full time. This means one class after another for days on end. I can’t wait for summer break. How do I cope? I wear compression socks.

Nurses can survive tough hours and this profession taught me a lesson. I have a friend who is employed in a hospital and she tells me that those compression socks for nurses sell like hotcakes. Now there is a market for them elsewhere. I can’t wait to try them out. They are not thick and unattractive so that you can wear them with most any shoes or boots. Professors, listen up. This is the answer to your prayers, especially those with sore feet problems.

My fellow members of the faculty tell me that they suffer but the problem is alleviated when they get home and take a hot foot bath. Isn’t that a lot of trouble. You must get out the little tub and fill it with water, and no doubt some of it spills along the way. Where do you soak your feet? In the kitchen, the den while you are at your desk checking emails, or in the living room while you watch TV? How long do you have to do it and doesn’t the skin on your feet shrivel up? I think I have a better answer and I have many testimonials from nurses and orderlies who tell a good tale.

How do compression socks work their magic? They have a special kind of knit and a fiber that moves when you do. It provides a kind of lightweight massage all day long. Imagine that! I had never thought about it until now and I am so thrilled that I am spreading the word. It isn’t often that you can help others in distress. I know the faculty are going to thank me, and guess what each member is getting for Christmas. Gift giving this year is going to be very easy. Everyone gets the same thing in a different color. Men get black, gray, and brown while women get pretty colors. They will love them and there is the added plus that they are machine washable. They never fade, pill, or shrink.

We live in a practical world and sometimes the simplest changes in our lives really matter. One little discovery has changed my day. I used to sit between classes or even during the last one when I am on my last legs so to speak. I don’t think this is always appropriate. Now I have a solution that will keep me up and running as needed.