Ideas Minus Funding Remain Ideas

I pay attention to what is going on in the world. If there are new inventions, I want to know about them. Innovation to me means progress is at hand. I didn’t study and teach economics for nothing because it is what makes the world go around. Progress in industry and manufacturing, for example, impacts all our lives and standard of living. Economics—business and profits above all—is at the heart of the matter. It behooves us all to lend an ear when the talk turns to this subject. I was reminded of this recently when I attended a meeting with an inventor looking for investors in a new type of gun safe. I was invited by a friend as I have not been known to invest willy nilly in ideas, however practical. I wanted to know more because gun safes in general are not familiar to me. I never grew up with one in the house nor have friends or colleagues who house weapons at home. It is a controversial issue but everyone has the right to bear arms and you need to store them safely. I always felt that accidents happen because they are in plain sight.

The new model was collapsible which means that if you sell any of your collection, you can store the gun safe in a different place, perhaps out of sight. The large ones are hard to disguise and kids are always curious. The safe also is made of a non-toxic and non-corrosive material that does not emit any gases. The gun safe has a biometric lock which is super secure and cannot be picked. I know that a new innovation in gun safes is to use fingerprints, but this is often difficult to program and use. I like a key, but that is something that can be borrowed and used. Kids are snoopy little creatures. A digital lock is best and this safe uses this option. If you forget your code, the company has it in storage. Thus, you don’t need to write it down and risk other people finding it in the junk or hardware drawer. It also means that you don’t need to store it in your mobile phone for intruders to find.

I liked the product but it was a matter of funding. I did not want to be the only one. I also was not ready to recommend it to financial clients. I did think it had merit and should see the light of day. Surely there is someone out there who is interested—perhaps a gun owner himself. I laud the inventor for his clarity of vision and for finding something that people can use. You would be surprised how many gun owners there are in this country, and each and every one should have a safe. This bodes well for investors seeking products. It is not just about doing a service for humanity. It is nice when you can combine these motives. I vote yes for the project. Let’s see where it goes.