Bring it on, Summer!

When you are in the field of economics, teaching and counseling clients, you can take finances way too far. You start getting nutty about applying budget principles to every little thing you buy. You question yourself about a new toaster oven, a new vacuum, even a cushion for the driver’s seat of the car. People say, if you need it, buy it. Don’t ponder every little purchase for hours and hours. You drive yourself crazy making decisions. Now when it comes to larger items, such as a new above ground pool, you can consider the costs as compared to an in-ground version. It is appropriate to weigh the pros and cons.

In-ground pools are getting really expensive upwards of $30,000 dollars and more if you want a large size. You have to hire a licensed contractor, select your design and price range, and put up with the mess and noise for quite a while. If you want nice ceramic tile of real quality, expect to see an increase in your costs. But if you are going this route and want to do it right, you really should go the extra mile. You don’t have to add an adjacent jacuzzi, but it is an option. Of course, you want heat and an automatic pool cleaner—that funky gadget that floats atop the water scooping up debris. As your contractor for all the details so you don’t miss a beat. Know what you are getting for your money. As an economic advisor, I can tell you right now that despite the cons (the cost and use of yard space), there are definite pros. The largest one is that an in-ground pool adds significant value to the selling price of a house. That is something vital to consider if you believe your home is an investment. For most people, it is their biggest one. It is certainly not a car or a boat.

Now we look at an above-ground pool. It is much more economical and future sale value aside, if you don’t have the funds, it is a no brainer. You go for the temporary above-ground version. Some of them are so well made that they last practically forever. They are by no means like an inflated kiddie pool. They are large, well-made, durable, and not unattractive. You can adapt the size to your space. If you have a family, this is a viable way to go and stay within a reasonable budget. Adults and children have enough room to swim and everyone can cool off in the summer. You can add heat and self-cleaning and also some attached trays for food and drink as accessories. They are practical and convenient and many prefer them to avoid pool cleaning service costs. I personally find this option to be the best one for me. My house has already risen in value and I am not worried about adding a lot more equity at the expense of my budget. So, an above-ground pool is the way to go.