What Being an Entrepreneur Means to Me

Being an entrepreneur is so highly praised in American society that when you say that you like being an entrepreneur, almost no one is going to question you or argue with you. It can feel like something that you didn’t decide for yourself. You can get to the point where you wonder if this is just you fulfilling a role that other people are going to find impressive. However, for me, being an entrepreneur goes further than the social status surrounding it.

After all, what people don’t tell you is that everyone takes a major risk each and every time he or she becomes an entrepreneur. We only hear about the entrepreneurs that are successful. We don’t hear about all of the people who try to succeed in this difficult way of life and who fail. No one wants to hear their stories, even though their stories are the ones that are more representative of the population.

I knew going in that this would be the case. I never told myself that those people did it to themselves, which would be a self-serving lie. I knew that I was taking a risk and did it anyway because I wanted the kind of life that being an entrepreneur can give you.

Working the nine to five job offers some false sense of stability, and that’s really the only thing that it has going for it. No one’s job is secure anymore. People work these jobs in order to feel as if they can work them for the rest of their lives and that’s it. The industrial revolution era system associated with the seven-day work week and the eight-hour workday is outdated and does not reflect society’s actual needs. Many jobs today are make-work and many of the jobs that people take for granted are the ones that will inevitably be replaced.

Most people do not actually like their nine to five jobs. They do them in order to feel as if there is always a paycheck in their futures. However, many of them still end up like all of the failed entrepreneurs at the end of it all, and they didn’t have the satisfaction of doing what they wanted when they wanted it, and they did not learn the skills that will ultimately allow people to succeed in a world and in an economy that is always changing.

Being an entrepreneur means accepting that there are lots of things that you can’t control and that you’re going to learn how to be adaptable. It means accepting that the world does not really give you the stability that you think it will, and that you’re going to have to learn to survive or even thrive in an economy that is upside down and that continues to stay like that in many cases. Many people are in a situation in which they have to make their own way in this economy.

People today are entrepreneurs all over now. It’s customary for people to have blog projects on the side that bring in a little bit of money. Lots of people have minor secondary incomes from everything from YouTube channels to ebooks that they sell. Being an entrepreneur is common in a world where social safety nets are minimal and social media is solid.

For me, being an entrepreneur means being a person of the future. The nine to five job is treated as being something of a standard for an adult job. It isn’t. The nine to five job the way modern Americans know it is a product of the Great Compression, which has ended. It’s a mid-twentieth century construction that was fragmenting by the late twentieth century, and which is now gone. People today are going to have to understand that the world is different, and entrepreneurs are on the front lines with regards to how much and how fast everything has changed.

Entrepreneurs live with certain realities that other people don’t, and I think that this is one of the many reasons why we are in a situation in which we’re able to cope with the shifts and funny twists of life better than others. Entrepreneurship is about being an adaptable person of the future in my opinion. It’s an acceptance of the ways things have changed and the ways in which things will change.